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The Art of the Oil Change

When trying to do it right, is nothing but wrong

This is a truthful account of a conversation that happened yesterday evening, while enjoying a quiet moment of relaxation and introspection, sitting on a bench down by the beach...

Lou (an elderly, friendly, yet somewhat odd looking chap. Reminded me a bit of an S&M Santa Claus): "Hi, do you mind?"

(he points at the empty spot on the bench)

Me: "Nah, man, it's a public bench."

(Lou sits down RIGHT NEXT to me)

Lou: My name is Lou."

(takes off his three shoulder strap bags)

Me: "'sup, Lou!"

(a moment's pause)

Lou: "You got a wife?"

Me: "Ex."

Lou: "Hm..."

Lou: "I'm lonely."

Me: "I hear that."

Lou (leaning in toward me): "So... When's the last time you had an oil-change?"

Me: ... @.@!!!

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